5 Reasons why you should consider building your own mountain bike

  1.  It’s way cheaper.

    Like most disciplines of cycling mountain biking isn’t cheap. But we put up with the financial hardship because buying a new bike isn’t just about the bike itself, it’s about where it will take us, who we will meet and how it will enrich our lives. Some of us ride to keep fit and chill with friends, others (like me) ride for solitude and escapism. Either way having the right bike is a worthwhile expense. When I rediscovered the sport after a 15 year hiatus I didn’t have much money. I had a workshop full of tools and various parts but a very limited understanding how to put a bike together from scratch. I did however have an internet connection and an eye for a bargain. So I set out to build my first custom mountain-bike for a fraction of the retail price.


  2. It’s a great way of getting to know other mountain-bikers who are homebuilding.

    Sites like Pinkbike, Ebay, Shpock and sellers pages on Facebook are a great way of tracking down the parts you need at a fraction of their retail price. Sure they might have a little cosmetic damage here and there but after a weeks riding they will be covered in mud anyway so who cares. The great thing about these sites though is they are full of other keen bikers and home mechanics who are more than happy to give you tips and advice and may even become future biking buddies.


  3. Learn about bike mechanics.

    The fundamental principles of bikes are very simple. It’s the subtle details that make bike mechanics tricky. Things like bottom bracket standards, wheels sizes, cable routing, setting chain length, trimming brake hoses are all best learned from having a go. Plus you will save a small fortune on repairs and servicing charges.


  4. Build your dream bike

    For me one of the best things about homebuilding is the ability to customise your bike to suit your riding style and your local trails. Perhaps you want a <a href="http://Awin“>short travel cross-country bike light enough for racing but robust enough to handle the big drops, rocks and roots of your local trails. With a clear enough idea of what you want from your custom bike anything is possible.p5pb11904828

  5. Major bragging rights

    Once your custom project is complete you can be extra smug whilst riding around on your completely one off bike. There maybe bikes similar to it but there will not be another one quite like it elevating your creation to the realms of priceless art.bike-on-work-stand-800x445

  6. https://www.dwin2.com/pub.408863.min.js

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