Why you should use a 1×10 transmission on your homebuilt mtb

Single ring set ups also known as 1x drivetrains have become the norm with both Shimano and Sram offering <a href="http://Shimano-xt-1×11-drivetrain” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>dedicated 1x group sets. But for the dedicated homebuilder you can’t beat a good ghetto 1×10 set up. You get all the advantages that come from having a single ring set up ie, reduced weight, less dashboard clutter, reduced chain wear, greater ground clearance and enhanced reliability.20161225-006

Apart from the chain and cassette the two most important components you need for a 1×10 set up are a clutch mech and a narrow/wide chain ring. The clutch mech ( a rear derailleur with a clutch) pulls the chain extra tight over the chain ring so it doesn’t bounce off when traversing rough terrain, but loosens the chain when shifting gear. Narrow/wide chainrings are single rings with alternating narrow and wide teeth which hold the chain on the chainring. They generally come in 30,32,34 and 36 tooth configurations, a 32 seems to work best for most riders on most terrains though.


The only major obstacle you might have to overcome is the issue of chain line. Generally it’s nothing a few washers can’t fix and there is a whole load of advice on the issue here .

If you’re still stuck just watch

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