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The secret life of shock pumps

Some Shock pumps

1. They have doppelgangers

According to internet folk lore they there are only two factories in the whole world making them. So if you come cross two different brands of shock pump that look the same, it’s best to go for the cheaper one.
A nice fox shock pump

2. They’re notoriously tight (air tight)

The valve-head is specially designed to stop air from escaping when you are connecting and disconnecting the pump. In fact that little pssst sound you hear when you disconnect the pump is air being discharged from the pump back into your suspension. So don’t be tempted to over-inflate your suspension.
A fox digital shock pump

3. Precision varies from pump to pump

Like the tail of ‘The Princess and the pea’ most riders aren’t going to notice a 5-10 psi difference so don’t lose any sleep over it. Though naturally the more fastidious riders will want to spend more on their pump for greater precision.
A rockshox digital shock pump

4. Accuracy varies over time

The membrane which detects the air pressure wears out over time. Moisture, oil and dirt also play their part in the degradation process. Best practice is to replace your shock pump every year or so to keep your suspension operating within the sweet spot.
A very nice shock pump from Topeak displaying the slogan 'shock'n roll'

Screw it all the way down to get a reading

This is important because you risk damaging the pump or your forks if the head of the pump isn’t adequately fixed to the air valve on your suspension.
Beautiful shockpump from lezyne

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